10 Useful Websites To Find Roommates & Rooms For Rent

10 Useful Websites To Find Roommates & Rooms For Rent (1)
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10 Useful Websites To Find Roommates & Rooms For Rent

Generations X, Y and Z Looking For A Room

Nowadays, the tech news doesn’t stop to talk about Generation Z and its features. Generation Z, also known as iGeneration, Post-Millennials, is the demographic cohort after the Millennials (Generation Y). There are a lot of articles talking about the difference between both generations but however, I could say there is one particular common feature, the home property. Both generations have to live in rental properties, both generations move to different countries several times, both generation use websites to find roommates and rooms for rent. That is a big difference if you compare these two generations with Generation X, where they found a job quickly and most of them still in the same business several years. So, they bought a home in this place and that makes them stay in this city for a long term. As a Millennial (I am a super a pro millennial) I moved the last years to different countries and cities. So, I found an easy way to find a home quick. Then, I’ve made a list of websites you could use to find roommates or rooms for rent in all around the world.

My Top 10 Websites To Find A Room

I use these websites frequently. Get a look my top 10 Websites to find roommates and rooms for rent:

#10 Mitula

Homepage Mitula

Based in Madrid, Spain, and founded in 2006, Mitula is a group who owns, operates and manages vertical websites of property management. Mitula is available in more than 50 countries.

Rate: 7

#9 Nestaway

Homepage Nestaway

Nestaway is India’s largest home rental network. It helps people to discover, rent and manage full home, shared or private room.

Rate: 8

#8 Trulia

Homepage Trulia

Based in San Francisco, USA, is an online platform providing information on properties and real estate professionals for home buyers and more. Founded in 2004, only operates in the USA.

Rate 8

#7 Rightmove

Homepage Rightmove

Based in London, United Kingdom, and founded in 2000, Rightmove is the UK’s largest property portal allowing home hunters to find details of properties to buy and rent.

Rate 8

#6 Zoopla

Homepage Zoopla

Based in London, United Kingdom, and founded in 2007, compete with Rightmove for the UK’s market. Zoopla is a property website in the UK that combines property listing with market data, local information and community tools.

Rate 8

#5 Spareroom

Homepage SpareRoom

Spareroom is the UK’s #1 flat and house share site with over 3 million registered users. Founded 2004 and based in Macclesfield, United Kingdom, is one of the most popular platforms. As you can see, in the UK, the competition is hard.

Rate: 8

#4 Roomster

Homepage Roomster

Founded in 2003 and based in New York, USA, Roomster is the leading multi-platform roommate matching & shared housing application.

Rate: 9

#3 Uniplaces

Homepage Uniplaces

Uniplaces is a global brand for student accommodation. It’s a huge platform thought for Erasmus and students rooms. Based in London, United Kingdom, and founded in 2011 is becoming on the top platforms for students in Europe.

Rate: 9

#2 Spotahome

Homepage Spotahome

Spotahome is similar to Uniplaces. Based in Madrid, Spain, and founded in 2014, Spotahome is the largest rental site for mid to long-term accommodation in Spain.

Rate: 9

#1 Badi

Homepage Badi

My favorite website. Badi founded 2015 and based in Barcelona (where I live now) is becoming the most powerful tool to find roommates or rooms for rent in Spain and Italy. The best of Badi is the user experience and the chat function really useful to connect people quick.

Rate: 10

Each of these websites are widely used by different countries and by different segments of the generations. As you can see they have very similar functionality but show the information in a different interface that makes the user experience the trigger that hooks one or the other in different countries. Well, here you have a good list to start to find a roommate or rooms to share.

What about you?

Now, after all my hard work I did here, research all this information, I have a question for you. Which one is your favorite? Do you think I miss something? Do you miss any other information on this blog post? Which one did you use to find a roommate? Write your review. And remember, share. Always share, maybe this content is really helpful for someone who you know.

Written by Ruben Lozano

Ruben Lozano is Online Marketing Specialist at Printsome and Inbound Marketing Manager at RoomAgree. His specialities include Growth Hacking Marketing and Inbound Marketing. When not at work, Ruben can be found playing basketball or in Starbucks drinking a mocha and at least 3 books in his Kaft backpack.

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