Welcome to RoomAgree Blog

Blog Post Welcome To RoomAgree
Posted on: July 23, 2017 Posted by: Ruben Lozano Comments: 0

Welcome to RoomAgree Blog

Hello tenants, owners, landlords, agents, and everyone!

Welcome to RoomAgree. I would like to share with you our first steps as a startup. We are a young team with the desire to change the market, to revolution the real estate industry, to improve and optimise the current process. This is our vision and this is our mission. RoomAgree is a tool where you can create, fill in, design, modify, share, integrate, store and print online a property’s agreement. Wow! I know, easy to create a new one and quick to share with your team, agents, landlords, owners, tenants or whoever you want. Also, we are working to integrate new tools where you can do more in RoomAgree.

Then, in this blog, we want to share with you all kind of ideas about real estate industry and the housing market. If you want to be aware of our content, follow us on our social media or sign up to our newsletter.

In the meantime, I would like to read your thoughts about our startup, team, and idea. Whatever you want to say. Even, just a simple hello or asking for a pricing.

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